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Okavango Activities Issue

What makes an Okavango Delta safari unrivalled? The Okavango Delta is an awe-inspiring destination for a first-time safari or for the safari veteran. The delta is an expensive destination to visit due to its remote location and voluminous nature.  However, despite its size, the number of camps is limited by regulations, allowing fewer guests to enter

The Shoulder Season Issue

The benefits of travelling to Africa during the shoulder season Travelling in the shoulder season (the period between the high and the low season) can be blissful – with benefits such as lower rates, fewer crowds and more moderate weather. However, these advantages aren’t only experienced by you, the travelller, they have a ripple effect

The Cape Town Issue

Summer in Cape Town – a family guide Cape Town is a glorious destination for a holiday, especially during the summer and early autumn. With so many beautiful places to explore, you’ll have a hard time scratching the surface on any single visit. Once you’ve whet your appetite however, you’ll be sure to return time

Safety on Safari

Is an African Safari Dangerous? You may have seen videos of an angry hippo chasing a boat full of tourists or an elephant charging at a safari vehicle. Could you find yourself in danger on an African safari and what can you do to avoid this? While around 30 million tourists visit Africa each year

2023 Best Destinations

Best African travel destinations for 2023 The ideal time to plan your next vacation is as soon as you return from your last one. While getting back to work and setting goals for the year is good and necessary, work life can bring with it a certain amount of stress which can be offset by

The 2022 Issue

The ebb and flow of travel in 2022 In our next newsletter we’ll be sharing Leopard’s selection of destinations to travel to in 2023. For now, however, we take a nostalgic look back on an extraordinary year as it draws to a close.  The best part about 2022 was that people started travelling again. After a

The Experience Issue

Why spending money on experiences is good for you Happiness can be tricky to quantify but a study conducted by McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin indicates that paying for experiences enhances your well-being more than buying possessions does. This applied to both in-the-moment happiness and to happiness measured at

The Audio Issue

Winding down the year 2022 Perhaps your year, like mine, is speeding up before it slows down. The beginning of December in South Africa marks the start of the long summer school holidays and a period when most people take a break.  If you’re one of those who’ll be putting your feet up in December

The Turtle Issue

Turtle time – experience one of nature’s miracles November to February is an exciting period when you can witness female turtles nesting on the northern beaches of KwaZulu-Natal or watch as hatchlings emerge from the sandy womb and make their way to the ocean. We love the fact that by visiting these sites you get

The East Africa Issue

The romance and excitement of an East African safari. Drumroll, please! Leopard now offers safari holidays to Tanzania and Kenya. Writing this gives me goosebumps because I’ve long wanted to offer East Africa holidays to Leopard clients. We’ve also added two new adventure destinations, Congo Brazzaville and Madagascar. This means that we can help you visit 16

The Garden Route Issue

Garden Route galavanting. The perfect playground for families, couples and solo travellers. Whether you’re looking for a family holiday or honeymoon destination or planning an adventurous solo escape, the Garden Route is as rich in beauty as Elon Musk’s mind is in profitable ideas.  Driving from Cape Town to Mossel Bay, which marks the start

The Adventure Issue

7 Cape Town Summer Adventures to Add to Your Bucket List While Cape Town has beautiful beaches, fine wine, cocktail bars and restaurants, it also provides ample opportunities for outdoor adventure. Below are a few of our recommendations to get your heart beating a little faster, for more than just love of this city. 1.

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