Working towards a more sustainable future

Our passion and purpose is to share spectacular parts of Africa with our clients, giving them lifelong memories to treasure. But, we do not wish to create holidays at any cost. We specialise in curating itineraries that apply sustainable travel principles. We want our clients’ holidays to have a positive impact both on them, and the lives of the people and wildlife they encounter. This way, we may together contribute towards a more sustainable future. 

We recommend longer stays in each destination; supporting local small businesses; and visiting off the beaten track attractions. It is important to us that our clients respect the local environment, culture and local residents. 


To deliver a seamless holiday to our clients, Leopard works with other companies that share our values. We support small (especially female owned) businesses, such as accounting, media, and design companies. We send our clients to lodges and guesthouses that contribute positively to conservation of biodiversity or local communities. We use local guides, transfer providers and charter companies. Our intention is for these businesses to grow and thrive as we grow and thrive. 

One of our most impactful partnerships is with Kay, a humble carver who sells his beautiful creations on a Johannesburg street corner. Leopard procures from Kay the small handcrafted gifts we give our clients, and this provides him with a steady income on which to rely. Kay’s potential is significant and each gift that is purchased contributes to the expansion of Kay’s opportunities.

Leopard has committed to distributing 1% of after tax profit to non profit organisations in South Africa. We support, and

How can you help?

Taking a holiday to Africa is one of the best ways to support the continent. If you would like to do more, we can recommend a few things. 

  • One of the best and easiest ways to extend support is by including a donation in your final payment. Leopard will distribute the full amount to the three charities we support. 
  • Another way to help, is to bring items in your luggage to be distributed in the country you visit. For example, you may bring school supplies, worn clothing, sport equipment, or anything else that the communities you visit may not have access to. 

Contact us if you would like more information.