• How to enjoy an African safari with kids

    How to enjoy an African safari with kids

    Insider tips: How to enjoy an African safari with kids I love nothing more than taking my children on safari. To me, going on safari and seeing my children in awe of the natural world is a magical experience. The time I spend with my loved ones in the bush is where we have the

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  • The Whale Issue

    The Whale Issue

    Whale Season in South Africa, Mozambique and Madagascar Earlier this month I witnessed the mesmerising spectacle of whale season along the Indian Ocean coast of South Africa. I was visiting Scottburgh and was treated to an awe-inspiring display of breaching and lobtailing by the many humpback whales off the coast, right from my hotel window. Their acrobatic displays

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  • The Flower Issue

    The Flower Issue

    From Barren To Breathtaking: The Best Places To See The Cape’s Spring Flowers A remarkable natural spectacle unfurls across South Africa’s Western Cape and Northern Cape Namaqualand regions as winter’s grip gradually loosens and the sun’s warmth coaxes the landscape. Spring brings an explosion of vibrant colours, as the once-barren terrain transforms into a canvas

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  • The Best of Africa Issue

    The Best of Africa Issue

    The Best of Africa: Beyond Cape Town’s Charm Cape Town was recently voted as the world’s best city for the eighth year running, by over 30,000 readers, in the 2023 Telegraph Travel Awards. While it’s undeniably an incredible destination, there’s more to Africa than what the Telegraph described as “the supermodel at the foot of

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  • The Tanzania Safari Issue

    The Tanzania Safari Issue

    The best way to spend 11 days on safari in Tanzania It’s not surprising that Tanzania is one of the most well-known safari destinations in Africa. I love the country for its sensational landscapes and its warm, welcoming people. The wildlife viewing is superb, as well as the range of safari activities on offer. Of

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