Despite being a highly adaptable animal, the leopard is now classed as vulnerable. As human populations expand, leopard habitats are reduced and fragmented, bringing our two species into increasing conflict. An illegal trade in its body parts persists, with hunters targeting the leopard for its highly desirable skin.

Like our fingerprints, each leopard has a unique pattern of spots on its coat. In the same way, each of our itineraries is created uniquely for you!

The Leopard is the most graceful and elegant of all the African cats. It is revered as a totem animal among the Zulu people, who call the leopard ingwe. For them, the leopard symbolises all that is noble, courageous and honourable. Leopard skins are used in ceremonial wear by Zulu royalty. In West Africa the leopard is a symbol of wisdom, and leopard images are frequently carved by Ife and Benin sculptors.

This name embodies some of the attributes that make our company unique. We hope you get to see one of these elusive animals, it will be one of life’s most memorable moments, I know my first sighting of this beautiful animal certainly was!

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