Sorcha and her partner live in Toronto, Canada where they both work in the film industry. As a first assistant director, work tends to be concentrated into periods of extremely high intensity and pressure followed by long breaks between productions. This means they can schedule long holidays to some of their favourite warm-weather destinations, such as South Africa and Mexico. 

Given the intense workload and physical stress during filming in Toronto, the idea of relaxing somewhere warm with the option of doing almost nothing but reading, relaxing and playing cards together makes for an appealing way to recuperate from the pace of the industry.

But it’s also an opportunity to experience something new; different food, culture and people and so Sorcha’s favourite holidays are relaxed times where one finds the space to appreciate once again how wonderful and amazing this world is.

Sorcha’s lists her innumerable trips to her “soul home”, the African bush, as some of her most memorable but believes that the best is always still to come if one is prepared to put in a bit of planning effort.

As such, she has begun preparing her next break to the Addo Elephant Park in South Africa as well as the Cedarberg, a place she has visited numerous times yet is still drawn to regularly. Mexico, a country she tries to visit annually, is also on the schedule and because she thinks she might want to live there one day, a trip to Italy is in the works as well.

Because nobody travels quite like Sorcha.

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