Gill left her career in law and became a professional triathlete in 2011. A double Olympian, having competed in London and Rio, and Commonwealth Games medallist, her sport has taken her around the globe. That hasn’t dulled her taste for overseas adventure, though.

A combination of relaxation and adventure with some great food fits the bill for her, preferably somewhere in a natural environment where she complements the well-deserved relaxation with activities such as hiking or snorkelling. It’s her way to earning the gelato or pizza she likes to indulge in when she’s not in the middle of hard training. As a result she often gravitates to destinations off the beaten track where she can dodge the tourist mobs and immerse herself in the local culture.

Her best holiday so far was a trip to the island of Sardinia off Italy. Although one would assume it to be popular with tourists, Gill has found that visiting in the shoulder season (the period between high and low tourist volumes) results in a quiet vacation where one can experience the warmth and hospitality of the locals. The clarity of the sea needs to be seen to be truly appreciated and Gill and her husband take full advantage of their fitness to hike the isolated trails from beach to beach. They swim, snorkel and soak up the sun before trekking on to the next spot. For those who prefer a less strenuous way of getting to these spots, Gill points out that you can rent a boat without a license, leaving the only physical exertion to be raising the anchor before moving on. The local gelatos and pizzas cap off idyllic days.

When I spoke to Gill she was travelling in South Korea and headed to Miyazaki in Japan the next day. Having already visited Japan twice in the year, she remains a huge fan of the people, food and the unique combination of technology and ancient tradition. Despite the demands of professional sport, her endless energy and love for life means she’s always up for the next holiday adventure.

Because nobody travels quite like Gill.

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