Shekha and David Wilson and their daughter reside in beautiful San Francisco. Shekha, a senior brand strategist at Square, and David, who recently sold the company he founded to HP, both love to travel.

Whilst they both love the great outdoors, it needn’t come at the cost of luxury accommodation. Given the opportunity, Shekha’s top choice is staying in places she feels are nicer than her own home, which is why she’s a holiday planner second to none.

Her ideal location is somewhere coastal, immersed in nature with the opportunity to explore, whether it be forests and waterfalls or local small towns where she can enjoy local culture and vegetarian cuisine. One place that ticked all these boxes was the “mini-moon” the pair took in Plettenberg Bay. The Grand Hotel offered top dining and lavish rooms, giving the couple a chance to relax by the outdoor fireplace while soaking up stunning bay views and eating wood-fired pizzas. They took advantage of the opportunities to explore nearby shops and restaurants and included a Segway tour of some of “Plett’s” best spots. Given their busy lifestyles, the daily spa treatments were a welcome chance to rest mind and body, ensuring they would return home refreshed. But ultimately, Shekha’s most treasured memory is the time they spent together around the fireplace compiling their wedding photo book.

A couple that can’t sit still for long, their next adventure is likely to be a five-day sojourn in Cabo, Mexico. Especially if Shekha can find a place with a hot tub and good Mexican food on hand. Being just three hours from home and with a mere one hour time difference, it’ll be a perfect escape for a short, foreign holiday with some of her favourite little luxuries.

Because nobody travels quite like Shekha.

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