Dave Waiting and Natalie Burls hail from Virginia, USA. Dave is a Telecoms Engineer at Comcast and Natalie holds a position as Assistant Professor at George Mason University. However different their careers, they both share a love for sailing and have skippered their Laser dinghies at destinations across the USA and abroad.

As an active couple, their high energy pursuits extend to their vacations. According to Dave, it’s not a holiday if he hasn’t experienced the environment first-hand through sailing, golf, skiing or riding. 

It’s only natural then that a kayaking trip down the Orange River between South Africa and Namibia brings back great memories. The ever-changing views and spectacular scenery paired well with the thrills of shooting rapids along the way. Rather than a hotel room, Dave and Natalie enjoyed the uninterrupted view of the Milky Way from their sleeping bags, the perfect way for this adventurous couple to brush off the stress of modern living, immersed in nature and disconnected from technology.

Unable to sit still for long, a skiing holiday with a group of friends to the renowned slopes of Whistler, Canada, is the next experience in the making. Dave finds he gets the same thrill on the piste as he does scuba diving. It’s the idea of feeling like he’s on a different planet, isolated and devoid of the trappings of everyday life that appeals to him. Without cars, houses, roads or shops, he finds it’s as if he has been teleported to a place that is totally incongruent with modern living. Just the kind of place where the two adventurers can find an escape. 

Because nobody travels quite like Dave and Natalie.

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