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The Okavango Delta Issue

The Okavango Delta, an emerald paradise in an untouched wilderness. Ancient tectonic earth movements created the Okavango Delta Basin that traps river water; which spreads across the land instead of flowing into the sea, bringing life to the plants and animals in this ecosystem. This is a remarkable place – a unique wetland oasis in

The Safari Experience Issue

What to expect from a South African safari. As you immerse yourself in the wonders of Africa’s wild spaces, just as every sunrise and sunset is unique, each safari destination provides something a little different.  South Africa offers an incredible variety of luxurious options. You could choose to sleep high above the surrounding bush at Phinda’s

The Romance Issue

Southern Africa’s most romantic spaces. There’s a vast selection of romantic destinations in Southern Africa, where rim-flow pools look as if they spill over into the African savannah or merge with the ocean along its coastline. Sunsets are rich in colour, the stars put on a spectacular show and the food is varied and flavourful.

Authentic Travel

Authentic travel experiences. After spending two years in slumber, travel has recovered. At Leopard, we are seeing excellent demand for holidays to Africa. People don’t want to put off their dream holiday for a year, they want to travel while they can. The next 12 months are going to be filled with sweet adventures and

The Family Issue

Incredible Family Travel Destinations in Southern Africa Southern Africa offers a wealth of experiences for families to enjoy, from interacting with multiple cultures to immersion in nature and adventures that are safe and simultaneously thrilling.  The region is vast and there is a boundless list of places worth visiting and things to enjoy on a

The Migration Issue

5 spectacular Southern African migrations The great migration of roughly two million wildebeest across the Serengeti in Tanzania, into the Maasai Mara in Kenya, and back again, is one of the greatest shows on earth. Wildlife documentaries like to show the frantic herds crossing the Grumeti River, where crocodiles lay in wait, or criss-crossing the Mara River but these river

The Zanzibar Issue

The pearl of Indian Ocean islands If you are imagining a tropical island paradise with white sands, warm turquoise waters and palm fringed beaches, you are probably imagining Zanzibar. You could mistake photographs of Zanzibar’s beaches for those of Mauritius or the Seychelles. But what sets Zanzibar apart from the competition is its authentically African feel. And,

Choosing a travel company

How to choose a travel company for your dream holiday?  I recently worked with a client who usually plans all her own family holidays. These were her exact words in a review she left on our Facebook page: “I personally love planning holidays myself but I can’t tell you how amazing the experience was to hand

The Adventure Issue

Live your adventure in 2022.  Leopard has had some wonderful new enquiries and bookings to start the year. The sense I get from people who are booking holidays right now is that after 2 years of monotony and routine, they are in need of an escape from reality and sweet new adventures to look forward to this year.