The Okavango Delta, an emerald paradise in an untouched wilderness.

Ancient tectonic earth movements created the Okavango Delta Basin that traps river water; which spreads across the land instead of flowing into the sea, bringing life to the plants and animals in this ecosystem. This is a remarkable place – a unique wetland oasis in an arid country. 

The delta is created by seasonal flooding, and counter-intuitively, the dry season is the best time to visit. This is because the water arrives in the delta only after the rainy season in Angola. The Cubango River flows slowly from the wet Angolan Highlands, through Namibia and reaches the delta five to six months after leaving Angola. Like all natural phenomena, it is hard to predict, but the flood waters arrive around June and start receding due to evaporation, around August. 

Mokoro at sunset

Going on safari in the Okavango Delta is one of life’s highlights. From seeing herds of red lechwe running through water to photographing leopard lying lazily on tree branches, witnessing herds of elephant crossing the deep water channels, enjoying a sundowner drink while watching hippo yawing at sunset and identifying the myriad of beautifully coloured birds, the Okavango Delta is a safari experience that delivers everything you would expect and more. It is perfect for first-time safari goers and for the safari veteran. It is a photographer and birdwatcher’s paradise and an exclusive, romantic escape for couples. In short, it is everything you could desire from an African holiday.

Elephant crossing, Okavango Delta

I’ll be sharing more about where I stayed, all the water, land and air activities on offer – and other insider tips in upcoming newsletters. Stay tuned. 

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