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First Journey to Africa

Where do you start on a first visit to Africa, such an immense and diverse continent? You have many good choices, but out of them all, Southern Africa is the best place to begin your discovery. To start, South Africa has it all; magnificent wildlife, breathtaking beaches, awe-inspiring mountains, delicious food, award winning wines and

Family Getaway

What we love about this experience is that it offers families the opportunity to reconnect to nature and also to each other. The excitement of exploring the bush and spotting animals mean that screens are soon forgotten and there are plenty of opportunities to bond as a family. Children of all ages enjoy encountering animals

Romantic Voyage

Southern Africa is the ideal destination for a honeymoon or romantic holiday. Being in some of the continent’s most remote places will allow you to disconnect from life’s daily routine and fall into the natural rhythm of the life in the bush. A safari combined with the beautiful and vibrant city of Cape Town, or

Desert Adventure

Namibia is not usually the first country people plan to visit on a trip to Africa, but it is certainly one of the most beautiful countries in the region and has a lot to offer the adventurous traveler. The country gets its name from the stark, and hauntingly beautiful Namib desert, an essential stop on

Scenic Road Trip

South Africa, with its excellent road and tourism infrastructure, is one of the best countries in which to do a road trip. And, of all the routes you could chose to drive, the Garden Route, which stretches from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth is particularly enticing. We love the Garden Route because it passes through

Sustainable Sojourn

The future of travel is undoubtedly sustainable. Travellers today want to preserve wilderness areas for future generations and contribute to conservation. There are many ways to do this, and sustainability is woven into all our trip plans. This luxury sojourn will take you to some shining examples of sustainable tourism in South Africa. You start

Island Escape

If you want to relax like you’ve never relaxed before, this trio of beach island escapes is just for you. Choose Mozambique’s remote Bazaruto Archipelago for turquoise blue waters, relatively untouched beaches and beautiful sealife. Swim among whale sharks and manta rays here. Choose Mauritius for equally beautiful beaches and a well organised tourism infrastructure.

Primate Paradise

Rwanda is home to the impressive Mountain Gorilla. While Mountain Gorillas are clearly the main attraction, Rwanda itself is a fascinating place to visit. It is one of the cleanest and safest countries in the world and one of the friendliest too. The country has a horrific backstory of genocide, but has become a beacon