Diana Granoux, Director

Diana Granoux

Diana grew up in South Africa and first discovered France on a backpacking trip across Europe in 2000. She and her friend spent 3 weeks discovering Paris and southern France before moving on to Italy.

Diana returned once more to Paris in 2009 to visit a friend who was teaching at the American University there. But her real appreciation for French culture began when she met a mysterious Frenchman in 2012. A romance developed and before she knew it, Diana was visiting France on a regular basis. Diana and Anaël married in 2015 and have two young children, who are simultaneously developing a love for biltong & braai’s, and baguettes & brie. There are some parts of French culture that Diana has found difficult to adapt to, but many more that she has enthusiastically embraced. She has a new appreciation for French film, culture and literature and has particularly enjoyed the diverse food, history and traditions in France.

Food across France is regionally diverse, and most French people know exactly where a particular dish comes from. For example, the best cassoulets are made in Castelnaudary, the best bouillabaisse is from Marseille and the best onion soup can only be found in Paris. If you want to be blown away by the taste of a simple omelette, travel to Brittany, and, of course, seafood from the Atlantic coast is spectacular. I have some wonderful memories of drinking cool white wine and eating fresh oysters directly from the ocean on a warm summer afternoon in Cap Ferret. And while we were enjoying the food and the views, we were most likely talking about food. If you are even half as enthusiastic about food and wine as the French, you will be warmly welcomed and very well fed.

After 16 years gaining valuable experience working for big corporates in South Africa, Diana decided to follow her passion for travel and start Leopard. She wants to create, with Leopard, a company that gives customers something unique: a curated experience of France, made especially for them. She says, “From the moment they arrive in France, to the moment they depart, I want them to have a seamless experience. I want them to enjoy the best the country has to offer, leaving with memories that last a lifetime.”

Daphnée Filliette

Daphnée Filliette

Daphnée was born in France in the Hauts-de-France region of Lille. A passionate traveller, Daphnée has lived and worked in several countries around the world.

Firstly in the United States where she has family, then in England while studying for her Masters in International Marketing and finally in Oceania to do what is called “WWOOFing” where you work on a farm in exchange for room and board. She met a great love in Paris, who would later become her husband, and this made her come back to reality: find work and start a family in France!

Daphnée began her career in fashion marketing and in 2012, she created her fashion brand and took on all aspects of building a business.

In 2016, Daphnée and her family had the wonderful opportunity to live in South Africa. She remembers saying, “The question does not even arise, let’s go, that’s obvious!” Since then, they have had 3 children and are enjoying their life in Johannesburg.

Daphnée has worked in the tourism industry for 5 years, specializing in southern Africa and France.

Leopard Specialist Guides

One of our greatest assets is our extensive network of specialist guides. Finding the right guide for someone can make the difference between a good holiday and an unforgettable one. We are lucky to work with some of the best guides in the business.

All our guides are fluent in English so you don’t need to worry about crossing a language barrier. Whether your interest is wine, the history of the Palais des Papes, artisanal olive oil, creating your own fragrance, or the best shopping in Paris, we have the guide for you.